My professional and vocational competence is based on my dissertation in geography at the University of Hamburg such as my two majors: a master's degree at the University of Hagen focusing on environmental psychology such as a diploma in public administration economy. In addition, I completed an advanced training for the profession of an organizer at the Academy for Management & Organization in Bonn.

Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Baasch, M.A.,
Dipl.-Verwaltungswirtin (FH)

During the past 10 years, I have been working as a scientist at several universities and research facilities for inter- and transdisciplinary research projects with environmental, climate and sustainability references. In doing so, I especially focused on sustainable regional and urban development, the concept of adapting to climate change and climate protection, the formation of participatory procedures, conflict management and municipal energy transitions. Among other things, I worked as a senior researcher at the University of Kassel within the BMBF joint project named "KLIMZUG Nordhessen, project participation, acceptance and local governance" and moreover at the Helmholtz- Centre for environmental research - UFZ Leipzig within the EU-project "InContext: Individuals in Context - Supportive environments for sustainable living".

Based on my education as a qualified graduate in public management and my function as an organizer, I dispose of extensive practical experience within the conception of business processes.

Since 1999, I have been working as a freelance project consultant and coach in advanced training.


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